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    Thank you for contacting FreedomPop. We apologize for the delay in getting back to you.

    Our records indicate line ending in 0926 has been temporarily suspended due to a billing problem. We tried to capture a $20.00 charge, on 10-10-2019, due to a Top-Up charge when you reached your data limit. The charge failed to be processed, which caused the suspension of the account.

    You will need to update your billing information by using a valid payment method so the failed charge is processed. Once the $20.00 charge has been processed, the account will be automatically reactivated. On this link, you may find detailed steps on how to update your billing information.

    Be advised, if the Auto Top-Up is enabled on an account, once your data limit has been reached, you'll be charged $20.00 that will be placed as credit under your account in order to ensure no service interruption. This credit allows for any additional data used beyond the initial data allotment, to switch to a Pay As You Go basis. The best way to go about this would be to disable the auto top-up. You may read more about it here.

    If you no longer wish to be charged for this feature, make sure you disable it by following the instructions provided on this link.

    Please, be advised, in order to deactivate this service, you must activate the Safety Mode service ($6.99/mo). The Auto Top Up will be automatically deactivated once you have activated Safety Mode. Additionally, you will receive 10% extra of your plan's data every month. Please note it is not possible to disable the Auto Top-Up if Safety Mode is not activated first.

    Should you have doubts or questions, please feel free to reply to this message and we'll be more than happy to help you.

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    Hi thank you so much for taking time providing such detailed instructions. $20 is a little bit too much for me. I didn’t use any of the “extra” data, so I don’t think it’s proper to charge $20 from me. I’ll update my expired credit, but could you please re-activate my account first so that I can still use my account? Thank you so much!

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    As we mentioned in our previous message, your account was temporarily suspended due to a billing problem. 

    However, since your billing cycle has renewed, we were able to manually reactivate the account.

    Be advised your account is currently active, please be sure to power cycle your device. Be also advised, no charge will be applied for the failed Top-Up charge and updating your billing information will be no longer necessary.

    We appreciate your patience and support!

    Should there be anything else we may assist you with, please feel free to reply to this message and we'll be happy to help you.

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