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    Hello Syed Ali!

    Thanks for reaching out. We'll be glad to assist you with your current concern. To answer your question, you may keep your current SIM card active by adding a valid payment method to your existing account. The renewal charge will be automatically applied to the registered payment method on your renewal date, at our then-current rates. You may find all the details regarding the upcoming renewal charge on the billing section of your online account.

    If instead, you wish to replace your current SIM card, you may activate the new SIM on a brand new account, here. Once active, we'll be able to transfer your existing phone number XXX-XXX-0884, as long as it is active. Transferring a FreedomPop phone number between FreedomPop accounts is free.

    Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to reply to this message, we'll be happy to help.

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  • Richard Sias (09)

    I'm only a FreedomPop user myself. I have no powers.

    There may be two solutions to choose from:

    1. Add a credit card or PayPal to your account. It may show in your online account in Billing TAB a "Next Billing Date" and "Next Billing Amount"  Likely the same as regular price last year on the SIM from the store.  Plus may be an Adminstrative Fee also.

    2. If "next Billing Amount" shows as $0.00 or is blank, and no credit card registered with them, then no renewal is scheduled.  The account will suspend.  Go buy another Annual SIM. Note: Annual SIMs are only 'restocked' in the queue occasionally so you may not find any for months.  Store purchases can be activated up to a few months later for your planning.

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  • Gina Bower

    Here’s how you do it - give yourself a couple days before expiration, put the new sim on your phone, activate the new card with a new number. Then go to twitter and message Freedompop support to ask to transfer your old number to the new card.

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