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  • Richard Sias (09)

    Hi Brian,

    First examine the APN you saved.  Is the value in it = ?

    Now for the browser test. Power cycle your phone.

    Browser test: [important do NOT skip]
    Turn OFF WiFi and turn ON mobile data. Internet should be working at this point. Can prove it by Googling in browser. Get any search results, you have internet via mobile data ! Get an error ? Report the error back in reply to support for more assistance.
    Reboot your phone if still unable to connect to data. Retest above.
    Working ?... Now turn OFF mobile data and ON for WiFi to save valuable mobile data for another day. Then report results - success or exact error message you got.
    9. Install the FreedomPop Messaging App.
    10. Enable permissions
    Summary of 9-10 steps with pictures. Click on the SIM package to see GSM section.

    You App should be ready for making calls now.

    If not, then an employee needs to fix something on the servers to get the SIM and the account info there to work together

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  • Brian Rosenlof

    I have data. That works. It's the messaging and phone calls that doesn't work. I tried following the instructions exactly. When I get to the step where it has me open the messaging app to configure it, I get a popup asking me to activate. The popup keeps me from getting into the app. The popup has the title "Activation Step Required". The body says "This device is ready for activation. Please press the 'Activate' button to continue, or visit our website". I'm then presented with three options " Emergency Text", " Retry", and "Activate". If I press activate, I'm taken to the activation page. I enter in the ICCID and email and press activate. I get a message in red stating " Congratulations! This SIM Card has already been activated. You can start using our services. To manage your FreedomPop account, click here". I then go back and open the messaging app, and I get the exact same popup as before. No matter what I do, I can't get past the popup. The exact same thing happens if I try to make a call. There are no error messages, just the popup. Please help!

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  • FreedomPop Community

    Hello Brian Rosenlof!

    Thank you for the information provided!

    We've noticed you've been assisted through another discussion, to avoid confusion we'll close this discussion and we'll continue assisting you here

    We appreciate your understanding!

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