WTF unable to activate sim card with given iccid number



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    Hello Stephen Sayles!

    Thanks for reaching out to us! We apologize for the delayed response. Upon checking the account associated with your profile, we confirmed your LTE SIM card with ICCID number ending in 9910, was successfully activated on 11-14-2019. Your SIM card is currently associated with phone number XXX-XXX-1070. The account is active with the Free Basic Plan. 

    By the way, we noticed the FreedomPop application has yet to be installed. Please be sure to configure the APN settings. You may find detailed steps, here. If you will be using your SIM card on a compatible smartphone (GSM unlocked, running on Android 4.3 or + / iOS 8.2 or +), it'll be necessary that you download the app for calling and texting and to ensure service works properly:

    -FreedomPop Messaging App (Android)

    -FreedomPop Calling and Texting App (iOS)

    Should you have any additional questions or concerns regarding your FreedomPop service, please feel free to reply to this message, we'll be happy to help. 

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