cannot access internet without wifi



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    Hello Xinying Liu!

    Thanks for reaching us here!

    Upon reviewing the account associated with your profile we're able to see the account is currently active and in good standing. We've also learned you're currently being assisted by one of our representatives through the support ticket #17006.

    To avoid confusion, please refer to the previously mentioned ticket at your earliest convenience with the required information as our team will be providing you with further updates there.

    Should you need additional assistance, please feel free to perform these troubleshooting steps:

    Please power cycle your phone. Once your device is back on, refresh the FreedomPop Messaging app by following the instructions provided here:

    1) Remove the FreedomPop Free Calling, Texting, & SMS app and turn off your phone for two minutes. Please note, there's a chance text messages might get lost upon uninstalling the app.

    2) Remove and Reinstall the SIM card and turn your phone back on. 

    3) Set APN, by following these steps.

    4) Reinstall the FreedomPop Free Calling, Texting, & SMS app by downloading it from Google Store/App Store. 

    5) Sync Account Data, by following these steps.

    6) Make sure your device's Operating System is updated to it's latest version. 

    We appreciate your patience and understanding!

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