Charged $20 Top Up due to Unknown Data Usage




  • Brian Katon

    I had a similar issue.  I was billed for a $20 'top-up' a few days ago for data when I wasn't using the device at all.  I received an email saying I was over my 'free' data usage the same day I was billed.  I sent in 2 support requests (one dealing with the data I was billed for and didn't use, the second for the $20 top-up I was billed for)--as soon as I submit the support requests I get a notice back saying that the issue is 'resolved' when nothing has been done.  I had a similar thing happen over a year ago, they refused to refund me the $20 and it is supposed to be a $20 credit on my account, but it expires and must be reactivated every 60 days if not used.  This time I want a full refund and to cancel my service if they don't get back to me soon.

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  • FreedomPop Community


    Thanks for reaching out to us! We apologize for the delayed response. We've created a support ticket to follow up on your concerns Myron Zhang and Brian Katon, as we'll need to gather and provide private account information.

    Your patience is greatly appreciated!

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