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    Hello Tracy Williamson!

    Thank you for contacting FreedomPop!

    We're happy to know you're satisfied with your Alcatel hotspot. :)

    We've checked the account associated with your profile and were able to find the sub-account associated with your Alcatel Linkzone hotspot.

    Upon account review, we're able to see that upon completion of signup, a subscription to a free 30-day trial for the Premium 2GB plan and value-added service Phone Premier, was authorized when selecting the agreement to the terms of the service box.

    That is correct, you may downgrade the plan and deactivate the value-added service at any time prior to the end of your trial.

    You may find detailed steps on how to proceed on the support articles below:

    How to downgrade your plan

    - How to remove an add-on service

    The Free Basic plan includes 200 MBs of free monthly data.

    If you no longer wish to be charged for the Auto-TopUp feature, make sure you disable it by following the instructions provided on this linkPlease, be advised, in order to deactivate this service, you must activate the Safety Mode service ($6.99/mo). The Auto Top-Up will be automatically deactivated once you have activated Safety Mode. Additionally, you will receive 10% extra of your plan's data every month. Please note it is not possible to disable the Auto Top-Up if Safety Mode is not activated first.

    Unfortunately, we don't offer service abroad at the moment, Please check back with us at a later time we are always expanding. ;)

    Should you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us back by creating a new post here.


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