Not working on make or receive calls, new sim activated




  • Wojciech Grechuta

    the same for me, i purchased registered the card and posted problems on Sunday, March 1st. Nothing changed.
    It looked, the phone number i got, was still used by somebody else since it was possible to call it using other phone.

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  • FreedomPop Community

    Hello Jose Fernandez!

    Thanks for reaching out to us! Our apologies for the inconveniences experienced. It is our understanding you have been unable to make and receive calls. 

    Our LTE SIM cards are compatible with GSM unlocked devices running on Android 4.3 and up / iOS 8.2 and up. If you are using a compatible device, you will need to set up the APN. You may find detailed steps, here.

    Please keep in mind our cellular service is VoIP, which means you'll use a data connection to power your calls and texts. Due to this, you'll require a VoIP application for calling and texting. 

    We have carefully checked the account associated with your Community profile. We can confirm your account is in good standing. Your SIM card XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX1394 is active as well. However, the application has yet to be installed. 

    Please download the required application for Android devices:

    -The FreedomPop Messaging App

    Once you have installed the FreedomPop Messaging App, please synchronize account data and make a test call from the Messaging App.

    Please feel free to create another post here should you continue experiencing issues, we'll be happy to help. :)

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  • FreedomPop Community

    Hello Wojciech Grechuta!

    We created a support ticket (#23983) for further assistance on 03/02/20. Please check your inbox at your convenience.

    Feel free to reply to your open support ticket if you're still experiencing problems with our service; we'll follow up on your concerns there.

    We appreciate your patience!

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