I cant connect to a Freedom Pop (AT&T)



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  • FreedomPop Community

    Hello Daniel Benjamin!

    Thanks for reaching out to us! We're sorry to learn you are experiencing problems with your data connection. 

    We have carefully checked the account associated with your Community profile. We can confirm your line XXX-XXX-3331 is active and in good standing. 

    In an attempt to get this problem resolved, we've refreshed your account to ensure all systems are properly synchronized and that everything's working correctly. Please be sure to perform the troubleshooting steps detailed below, on your device:

    -Perform a soft reset by powering off and on your phone for two minutes.

    -Configure the APN settings 

    -Clear and restart the FreedomPop Messaging App

    -Synchronize Account Data

    -Try to connect to the Internet and make a test call from the Messaging App. 

    We've created a support ticket for you to please reply there in case you continue experiencing problems after performing the troubleshooting steps above; we'll be happy to help! 

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