Why "Plan Use" Charges When Phone Is Turned Off?



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  • FreedomPop Community

    Hi James Scott!

    Thank you for reaching us here!

    We'll gladly assist you with your inquiry/concern. :)

    Please, be advised, data usage can't be altered as the usage being reported comes from your device connecting to the nearest tower. 

    When you're connected to WiFi, do you turn off cellular data? Even if your phone is connected to WiFi, it is possible for it to use data from your base plan, if cellular data is on, so the connection becomes stronger. If your WiFi signal is too weak or drops, your device will switch automatically over to the network. Apps running in the background or automatic app update feature may also cause data to be used without your knowledge. 

    We'd strongly suggest you make sure cellular data is off when you're connected to your home's WiFi. ;)

    We've created a private message as to follow up on your concern, please be sure to check your email and respond to this message at your earliest convenience.

    Thank you!

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