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    Thank you for contacting FreedomPop!

    We’ll be glad to take a look at your current inquiry, Lawrence Hiller!

    FreedomPop is a VoIP service. Note, VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, which means data, or the internet, is used for calling and texting instead of the cellular network.So, instead of requiring hardwired phone lines, audio (meaning your voice when you are speaking to someone on your phone) is digitally converted into data and sent over the internet to your person receiving your call.

    As you know, the FreedomPop application is required for your service to work. The FreedomPop app is the connection between our service and your device, it makes service work, calls and texts are through the app.

    Data usage from phone calls and texts will be credited back to your account. Therefore, voice calls/texts do not actually deduct your data allowance.

    For the reason explained above, data usage you see reflected on your cellular device is not accurate. We understand this might cause confusion, therefore, we would recommend you to verify data usage from your account through our website. ;)

    Should you have any further questions or need additional assistance please don't hesitate to contact us back by creating a new post here!

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