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  • FreedomPop Community

    Hello Nirupam Hatui!

    Thanks for reaching out. We're sorry to learn you've been experiencing problems with your service. To be able to take a closer look at this, please verify the last four digits of the SIM card that's currently inside of your device. 

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  • Nirupam Hatui

    Thanks for responding so quickly, I took out the SIM to read it, got distracted and now I can't find it! I kept them right on the table, the SIM card and the pin and a small plastic pouch and I am so annoyed now. I have been looking for hours now.

    I know the first digits were 812, but thats not what you asked for. Besides, seems its moot if I can't find it.

    Please hold off for one day more. If I don't find then well, I guess I will have to buy a replacement? Or maybe I will just get a new number. Please let me know how much either will cost.



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  • FreedomPop Community

    Thanks for your reply, Nirupam. We're sorry to learn about your misplaced SIM card. 

    Actually, the ICCID numbers of our SIM cards start with 8901, the rest of the numbers vary, per SIM. Due to this, we require the last four digits of the ICCID number associated with the SIM card in question, to ensure we're checking the correct account. 

    If you're unable to locate your SIM card, you may purchase a new regular SIM here.

    You may also find our latest SIM card promotions at our online shop, here

    Should you decide to purchase a new regular SIM, once you've received it, you may contact us back with the ICCID number and we'll be glad to activate it on your existing account, associated with phone number XXX-XXX-0422.

    Let us know if you have additional questions or concerns, we'll be happy to help. 





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