Phone not working without WIFI



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  • FreedomPop Community

    Hello Ram Sing!

    Thanks for reaching out to us! We apologize for the delayed response and for the inconveniences experienced with our service. We've carefully checked your account and so far, everything seems to be working fine on our end. Therefore, in an attempt to get this problem resolved, we'd recommend you to perform a soft reset by simply powering off and on your device. 

    Once your device is back on, synchronize account data on the FreedomPop Free Calling, Texting, & SMS app. You may find detailed steps, here

    Should you continue to experience the same problem after performing the troubleshooting steps detailed above, please attempt to clear and restart the app by following the steps provided on this support article. Please note, text messages saved might get lost upon uninstalling the app. 

    If the same problem persists, please reply here to let us know and we'll gladly take a look into the account. 

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  • Michael Dempsey

    I'm having the same problem.

    In the past I have been able to recover (it happens frequently) by doing the above but this time I'm getting nowhere. 

    - tried the 'sync' process above.

    - I uninstalled and re-installed the FreedomPop Messaging app.

    - I went through the APN settings (they were already correct)

    - I even tried calling ##72786# as instructed by the automated message on the 'customer service' number.

    But I still cant use the app (or make calls) unless I am connected to WiFi.

    Note that I use the phone only very occasionally - like once or twice a month. The rest of the time it sits in my car (powered off) in case of emergency. So if there is some kind of 'keep alive' signal that it has to detect every so often that could be the problem ... but then these procedures should probably take care of that.

    This has to be the most unreliable phone app in existence.

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  • FreedomPop Community

    Hello Michael Dempsey!

    Thanks for reaching out to us! We're sorry to learn you've been experiencing problems with our service. We've created a support ticket to follow up on your concern as we'll need to gather and provide private account information.

    Your patience is greatly appreciated!

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