I can’t receive or make phone call without wifi



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    Hello Fei Wang!

    Thanks for reaching out to us! We're sorry to learn you've been experiencing problems with the service. Upon account review, we noticed you're running an older version of the Messaging app. To ensure service works properly, we'd strongly recommend you update the app to the latest release.

    FreedomPop Messaging app 

    Once you have updated the app, please be sure to synchronize account data. You may find detailed steps, here. Also, when it comes to outgoing calls, you'll need to make them directly from the Messaging app, not your device's native dialer. 

    Should you continue to experience the same problem after following the steps provided above, please feel free to reply here; we'll be happy to help!

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  • fei wang

    Hi, my phone has the same problem again. I have downloaded the new software and it worked for a few weeks. Now it is not working again. I cannot receive or make a phone call without wifi. I uninstalled the Freedompop APP and reinstalled the APP again but it did not work. I can receive data and tex message. Only problem is receiving and making phone call without wifi.the error message is “error to make phone call to xxxxxxxxxxx (phone #), please check the phone # and call again”

    please help.

    My phone # - 8522

    imei - 2410


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