Coming back to Freedompop after forced Ting switch



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  • Ian Hertz

    I am unable to reply at the link you provided.

    The 1st port should have failed as I put in wrong pin. The refund provided should relate to failure, not because of a previous rep. I expect a successful port in to still get refunded.
    2nd should have worked as info was correct, unless I was supposed to choose sprint, not other. I will submit again using Sprint and expect to be refunded if successful.

    I don't even see where I could have cancelled the port in, so no I didn't do it. I didn't communicate with ting, I used their site to obtain their port out info. This device was never transferred to ting, it was obtained after I was already with ting and its an unlocked, multi sim new device.

    The 4 charges you mention don't explain the odd total of 34.42 that's coming due soon. Nor do the refunds. Please elaborate.

    Freedompop site also says:
    Upon Issue
    If we run into any issues while processing your transfer request, you will receive an email explaining what the issue is and the steps required to fix it.

    This is on page where it confirms I put in a transfer and I have to wait for completion. I never got email for both cancellations.

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  • FreedomPop Community

    Hello Ian Hertz!

    Thanks for reaching us here!

    Thanks for reaching out to us, we do see that you're currently being assisted by another agent through support ticket #12115, please continue to relay any updates to them as they are overseeing your current concerns, we hope you have an excellent weekend!

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