can't receive NIKE app SMS



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    Hello jiaming xu!

    Thank you for contacting FreedomPop! We apologize for the delayed response. We'll be more than glad to assist you with your current concern. 

    Some apps that you can download on your phone require you to enter a verification code (sent to you via SMS text message), in order to confirm your account. The text that these apps send is sometimes called a "short code", "security code" or "verification code".

    In this case, the recent version of the FreedomPop App for our Standard LTE Sim does not support short-code messaging/registration.

    We are looking into a workaround for short codes, but for now, try and use alternative methods to verify or authorize your applications.

    In this case, we recommend you check the FAQ's provided by the app in question to see if there's an alternative option to verify the application.

    Please feel free to contact us back should you have additional questions or concerns; we'll be happy to help! :) 

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