Why am I not getting the red banner I need to renew my Freemium plan?



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  • Kevin FitzMaurice

    I have the Freemium plan, and today, Nov. 29, was supposed to start my new month, with the new allotment of data and minutes and texts. But my allotment is unchanged, there is no new data or other. I also thought I was supposed to now get a red banner on top telling me I needed to renew my account -- I am not getting that reb banner, so I cannot do anything to renew the account, to do so requires that I use a link in the red banner.

    Why is this renewal and new monthly allotment of minutes and data not working? What do I need to do, or what do you need to do to fix this? Your service is active on my account as of yesterday, I can make outgoing calls and texts. So, why am I not getting the banner I need to renew, and no new allotment this month yet?

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  • FreedomPop Community

    Thanks for reaching us back, Kevin FitzMaurice

    We have carefully checked the account associated with your Community profile and our records indicate your concern is being addressed by one of our representatives via Support Ticket #56541.

    To avoid confusion, our team will follow up on your concerns there.

    Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated!

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