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  • Rue Koegel hizo un comentario,

    Try visiting and verifying your accounts settings are all good, that any credit you have is active if it's become inactive, and then re-enter or change your billing info.I think t...

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    Alright, customer support might chime in, but it appears I fixed my issue myself, after reading the previous threads on here for this error, which has been happening a lot lately.  My account credi...

  • Rue Koegel hizo un comentario,

    Actually, I did some more digging, this has been happening a bit the last couple weeks, or maybe the last month, or longer (there was also a recent change in FreedomPop ownership, so some hiccups a...

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    Me too... not sure why. Attempting to contact support resulted in auto-closed tickets and redirects to self-service options and forums, because I'm not a VIP. Why not redirect us to an actual solut...